Guinni Royal Tomato paste company was started in 2018 in Elega, Ore Ire local government area, Oyo State, southwest Nigeria, The cost so far has gone beyond $500,000 (five hundred thousands US dollars) and still counting. We are established on 10 acres of land and also engage thousands of farmers across the southwest zone."

Our qualified workers have great experience and have worked in various capacity in the food processing company. We specialize in canned tomatoes and dried tomato sachets. "We will be adding cashew and mango purées to our product line in the future.

Quality first: To have the highest quality, we employ professionals from the best institutions of our country. We will soon start production at capacities of 1000/1200 kg/hour with an output of 200kg/hour. Farmers are our strength, and we treat them like kings."

.1. by forming a cooperative society with bank of agriculture (BOA)
2. by buying tomatoes from our farmer by large-scale
3.good customers/company relationship.

We are planning to expand our market into the west coast region and UAE to become the best tomato producers in the country and in the world at large.
GUINNI ROYAL TOMATO PASTE we add delicacy to your soups